Cross Country Meet


Cross Country teammates Julia Smith and Rachel Mortensen pushing Kathryn through the race.

On October 1st the Bruins ran at the Cross Country meet held at MV. We saw some impressive performances from both the girls and the boys teams.


The Girls took second place, Mari Konold leading them with a time of 17:34.0.

Girls team scores

1- Timpview (41)
2- Mountain View (66)
3- Timpanogos (73)
4- Mountain Ridge (85)
5- Orem (86)
6- Lehi (147)
7- Alta (222)

Mountain View’s girls Cross Country team

The boys took fourth place, Tyler Chipman leading them with a time of 15:23.3.

Boys team scores

1. Timpanogos HS (35)
2. Orem (38)
3. Timpview HS (103)
4. Mountain Ridge HS (117)

Mountain View’s boys Cross Country team.

5. Mountain View HS (117 )
6. Lehi HS (129)
7. Alta (225)

We also had a special runner during this meet, her name is Kathryn, who was pushed through the race by runners Julia Smith and Rachel Mortensen. The Bruins put on an amazing performance and showed why they are one of the top Cross Country teams in the state.