Cheerleading in the Time of Covid


MVHS Cheer team performing a stunt.

With all the Covid insanity of 2020, sports games have been a constant question mark as to whether or not they will happen. But in spite of this the cheerleaders of Mountain View have been as steady as ever, always supporting their fellow MVHS athletes.

From football to basketball—and now wrestling—Mountain View’s Cheerleaders go to a number of games, always bringing their excellent spirit with them no matter what. Through mask mandates and restrictions of the student section, the cheerleaders have never abandoned their duties, continually uplifting what crowds are able to come to games and cheering their hearts out.

Head captain Alexa Garcia commented on the difficulties of this year, stating that the cheer team has “not been at [their] loudest but the crazies aren’t at their loudest either.” Between the masks and lack of communication because of them, team spirit has been somewhat lacking, but the cheerleaders have done all they can to make up for it. Garcia explained that “it has been tough but [the team has] been able to work it out.”

With their own competitions cancelled due to Covid-19, the cheer team has poured all that they have into making sure they are at their absolute best for sporting events. Amy Greener, a main base for the team stated that the team is “having practice all the time” to be at their very best. Garcia furthered this statement by explaining that the team has worked harder than ever knowing that they “could be shut down at any moment.”

The cheer team has worked hard to be able to continue to go to games by always “following the rules one hundred percent,” according to Garcia. She continued on, disclosing that the team “just [wants] to continue practicing and being with one another whatever it takes.”

Despite the crazy season, Greener stated that the team has only “grown closer as a group because [they’re] together all the time.” She added that “it’s just a great family.”

The team is indeed tight, forever demonstrating that united front that is Mountain View. They work hard, always bringing the school together and “trying to make everyone feel united and happy at events,” according to Garcia.

As a team, the cheerleaders have done much for MVHS, attending and supporting multitudes of sporting events. They tumble and they dance and they cheer with all that they have, showing what a true family is. The cheerleaders of Mountain View have truly done a lot to make sporting events fun and wonderful, showing what a team can do even in the time of Covid.