Girls Soccer Updates


Through the years, improvement and development have been the culture and goal of the MVHS Girls soccer team. 4 years ago, multiple games were cut short due to mercy rules (ending the game early due to a 0-8 lead), and the season stopped shy of the state tournament. The last two years and counting, the team has continued past the 1st round of state, even making it into the state semifinals. But, the desire to improve and still push farther is still in each of the players and coaches.

After talking with Kaelynn Wilson, one of this year’s seniors, about her experience and growth with the team, it is no question the girls soccer team’s focus is more than shaping a win-loss record. Kaelynn stated this when asked what she has learned from MV soccer, “Resilience, being able to come back from difficult situations.” The team, culture, and coaches of the Mountain View Soccer program are teaching the players beyond game strategy and into true principles of life.

In every player there is so much gratitude for the coaches, administrators, and families who have and continue to teach and support the Bruins on and off the field. April Montavo stated “The coaches have always made me try my best, and they always push me.” It is that way across the board for the girls team. Every girl is grateful for knowing there are coaches, teammates, administrators, and families (their own or not) that are there to support them as players and people.
The culture of Mountain View sports is continuing to grow, bringing out successful players and people. As a part of Mountain view, the girls soccer team is nowhere near the close of its history. The legacy will continue to unravel as the players keep the desire to improve from one practice, one game, and one season to the next. As they do, players past and future will be cheering on their Mountain View soccer family.