Girl’s Volleyball Tournament


Our girl’s volleyball team was fresh off winning state last year and was hoping to take it home a second time. They got the second seed, ranked behind Bountiful. This meant that they were able to bypass the first round. The second round game was a good kick off for the girls when they beat Timpanogos in the second round, winning the first three sets. They then faced Skyline in the third round. This game had a bit more of a rocky start. The girls lost the first set, but ultimately pulled through and won the next three sets. In the semi final game, Park City pulled ahead and won the first set 30-28. After that the team had to play catch up, but won the next three sets.
Francie Glenn, a Junior on the team, said “One of the most memorable moments for me was In the semi-final game against park city, we started off the second set slowly and so our coach Dave called a timeout. He said that they had prepared all year for this and we could not allow ourselves to forget everything that we had worked on. From there we were back in the game. It was like the girls had just flipped a switch. The game became more intense and so much fun. Cheering was a blast and I know that having all the Bruin crazies there helped as well.”
In the final game, the team lost the first set 19-25. In the second set it was extremely close. The Bruins had the lead for most of the game until close to the end. Despite Timpview coming close and almost winning the set, our girls won it 27-25. The teams were always within a few points of each other in the third match. The score was 20-21 when a timeout was called. Timpview scored another, making the score 20-22 and another timeout was called. After the time out, Timpview captured the set 20-25. Our ladies managed to bring home the fourth set 25-23. That put more pressure onto the fifth set, which only goes to 15 points. It was a nail biter. The Timpview Thunderbirds won it 8-15 in the end.
It was a tough final game and we are proud that our team took second place. A special shoutout to Mia Lee and Julia Cavalcanti for having the 1st and 3rd highest kill percentages in all of Utah. Thank you everyone else on the team. It was a hard fought season and they worked hard to make it to finals.