WandaVision Review

Disney’s new series WandaVision is one of the most unique shows that has come out in a long time. Disney’s new show WandaVision has 3 episodes as of January 27th, 2021. All of these episodes feel unique and different. This series is unique because it tries to mimic other shows from different decades starting with the 1950’s show “I Love Lucy” and increasing the decade the show is set in every episode.

The first episode starts off by showing how the main characters Wanda and Vision are living together like a stereotypical 1950 newly married couple and have no idea anything is out of the ordinary. The pilot episode also tries to mimic the comedy used in tv during the 1950’s including a laugh track after every joke they make. The first episode ends with Wanda and Vision trying to fit in more by creating rings to show they are married like the other married couples in the town.

The second episode of WandaVision tries to mimic shows from the 1960’s such as shows like “Bewitched”. In the episode Wanda and Vision have to perform in a talent show to introduce themselves to the town’s people. The main problem Wanda has to face is impressing the most popular person in the town Dottie. During the part where Wanda is trying to impress Dottie some peculiar things happened such as a radio turning itself on and calling out to Wanda and then glass breaks and Dottie acts like it is normal and the scene ends with Wanda being confused with everything that just happened. While Wanda is trying to impress Dottie, Vision is talking with the club meeting with most of the important male characters and manages to impress them with his oblivious comedy. While he is hanging out with the club, they offer Vision a piece of gum which Vision gladly takes and swallows on accident. This causes Vision to act like he is drunk and when he gets to the talent show he shows his powers as his talent and Wanda has to use her powers to cover up for Vision’s mess ups. At the end of the episode are walking outside when Vision and Wanda see a mysterious beekeeper and then time rewinds to before they left the house and Wanda suddenly became pregnant and the episode started filling with color after being in black and white and then fades to the credits.

The third episode of WandaVision starts off in color with Wanda and Vision getting a doctor to evaluate how long Wanda has been pregnant and the doctor tells them she has been pregnant for a few months. After the doctor leaves Wanda gets closer to labor faster than a normal person should. While Wanda gets increasingly more pregnant the baby starts kicking and every time some labor side effects happen Wanda’s powers do things without her control. At the end of the episode Wanda is helped by Monica Rambeau (a side character introduced in the previous episode) to help her deliver her baby. After Wanda gives birth to twins Wanda starts talking to Monica and while they are talking Monica mentions events from “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. This surprises Wanda and Wanda casts Monica out and we see her get pushed out of some invisible field ending the episode.

The show is unique from anything Disney has done in recent times. This new pace they are going for is polarizing for some and attractive to others. This show will most likely lead to new experimental shows from Disney. This show could lead to more unique creations from show creators.