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What is the Utah Film Center?

What is the Utah Film Center?

For most people, movies play a big role in their everyday lives. Utah, believe it or not, has a very thriving film scene that’s spearheaded by the Utah Film Center. Executive Director Mariah Mellus, along with the other people she works with, put together film screenings and workshops year round.

“There is nothing like sitting in a theater and hearing a collective laughter or a big sigh.” Mellus said. “I’d say it’s worth it to go out and to get out of your comfort zone a little bit, pay for parking, drive downtown, do whatever you need to do because that is one thing the internet will never give you.”

Not only does the film center host screenings, they also throw two big film festivals every year. The children’s film festival, Tumbleweeds, is set to start April 19, 2024. Along with the workshops and clubhouse they’re having a filmmaking competition for children grades K-8. The LGBTQ+ film festival will take place in Oct.

“I think that in learning about film and learning about the different roles that people play it’s also a lesson in taking a step back, in being a part of something, but not necessarily leading it.” Mellus said.

They hope that by throwing these screenings and festivals that they can attract crowds of all ages and get them excited about the filmmaking process.

When asked why it’s important for teens to get involved in film, Mellus said, “You guys have more access to these stories than any other generation before, and because of that I hope that it means you are one of the most enlightened generations that we’ve ever had…You have access to this information and in such a digestible format such as film. You don’t have to read it, or wait for it to come out to your library and borrow it; it’s at your fingertips.”

What the film center really strives to do is, “connect people, stories, and ideas through film exhibition, artist support, and media arts education.” as is their mission listed on their website.

Through the events hosted by this non-profit organization you can find new movies to watch, learn what goes into making films, and even get inspired to create them yourself.

If you want to learn more about their upcoming events you can go to their website at:

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