WandaVison Recap

This article contains spoilers for the show WandaVision episodes four through the final episode, episode nine. The episodes up until the fourth have been copies of old sitcoms going through the ages, However episode four starts to shift focus from a sitcom to a normal Marvel film. As the episodes continue things progressively get more strange causing more things to be unexpected to Wanda.
Episode four starts off with everyone who has disappeared in Avengers: Endgame reappearing, but the show focuses on the reappearance of Monica Rambeau. In this scene, we learn that Monica is a part of an organization named S.W.O.R.D. and as the episode continues, we learn that the odd things happening in Westview (the town Wanda and Vision are living in during the events of the show) are being caused by Wanda with her powers. This episode shows the events that have been happening during the first three episodes from an outside perspective.

The fifth episode of WandaVision starts with Wanda, Vision, and their new children she gave birth to in episode three. The newly born babies start off the episode screaming and refuse to stop no matter what Wanda does. This causes Wanda to resort to using her powers to attempt to make them go to sleep, but her powers do not work . While Wanda is confused about why her powers aren’t working, Agnes walks through the door and offers to take care of the children so Wanda and Vision can get a break, and Wanda gladly takes Agnes’s offer, but Vision refuses. After Vision refuses to take Agnes’s offer, Agnes looks over at Wanda and asks, “Do you want me to take that again?” This line gets noticed by Vision and disregarded by Wanda, making Vision suspicious. After this, Agnes takes the children to the kitchen and the crying stops. Wanda and Vision get surprised and look over at the kitchen to see Agnes sitting on the counter alone as Two five-year-old children run down the stairs. Agnes refers to these children as Wanda’s, and this surprises the parents because their children grew-up by 5 years, then later in the episode they age up to 11.

The rest of episode five focuses on S.W.O.R.D. and them attempting to make contact with Wanda. This leads them to send a drone into “The Hex” (This is a hexagonal area around Westview) in an attempt to make contact with Wanda. The drone makes it inside of “The Hex” and gets to Wanda’s door. Wanda hears something outside and goes to check what is making the noise. Wanda sees the drone and S.W.O.R.D. talks to her through the drone and she disregards everything they say. After Wanda refuses the things they purpose the head of S.W.O.R.D. forces the drone to launch a missile at Wanda. This enrages Wanda, making her leave “The Hex” and threatens S.W.O.R.D. as she walks back into “The Hex”. The fifth episode ends with a confrontation by Vision telling Wanda to undo everything she had done, but she denies everything Vision says just before the doorbell rings. Behind the door is her dead brother Pietro Maximoff (played by Even Peter rather than Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who played him in Avengers: Age of Ultron).

Episode six is set during Halloween and has nothing important to the series until the later half. In the episode Pietro is a mystery to everyone including Wanda, but the kids still have fun hanging out with Pietro. While Wanda is interrogating Pietro, Vision is off investigating the outer area of “The Hex” seeing people who were standing still or repeating motions making them seem like they were moving if seen from far away. Vision found the border of “The Hex” and attempted to cross the hex. While this is happening the children discover they have powers matching Wanda’s and Pietro’s powers the one who inherited Wanda’s powers felt Vision who started to get torn apart as he leaves “The Hex”, and rushed to get Wanda’s help to save his dad. The episode ends with Wanda saving Vision by expanding the size of “The Hex”.

Episode seven starts with Vision meeting someone he saw while outside “The Hex”. Vision removes Wanda’s influence from this person and learns everything that Wanda is doing. After this, Wanda is shown in bed and gets woken up by her kids. Wanda gets up and does her morning routine, and as she’s doing this, everything around her starts changing to items from previous generations confusing her children and herself. Wanda, exhausted from trying to maintain the bigger “Hex” gets Agnes to babysit her kids. Monica, who did not get caught in “The Hex” expansion, goes into “The Hex” voluntarily– not being consumed by Wanda’s powers– and heads to talk to Wanda. Monica ask’s Wanda to turn “The Hex” off, as Wanda contemplates this, Agnes comes outside and pulls Wanda into her house to get Wanda away from Monica. As they enter Wanda’s house she notices her kids are not there, and asks Agnes where they are. To this she says they are down stairs. Wanda heads down stairs and sees her basement is medieval themed with drawings on the wall. The last scene of the episode is Agnes comes down and admits that this is not under Wanda’s control and that she has been pulling strings in an attempt to get Wanda’s powers on top of her own powers. There is also an after credit scene that shows Monica trying to break into Agnes’s basement through a cellar entrance but gets caught by Pietro.

Episode eight is all about going through Wanda’s life alongside Agnes to see how Wanda obtained her powers. In this episode we get to see Wanda’s childhood and her love for sitcoms leading to the reason “The Hex” takes form as a sitcom. We also see Wanda being tested on by Hydra where in the mind stone she sees the original Scarlet Witch outfit. The last portion of the episode recaps Wanda and Visions relationship. The episode ends with Agnes and Wanda going outside in present times and seeing Wanda’s children captured by Agnes.
The last episode (episode nine) starts with Wanda and Agnes going head to head in a one versus one. This one versus one is interrupted by a pure white version of Vision made by S.W.O.R.D. attacks Wanda and while being attacked by White Vision the normal Vision comes and attacks White Vision. As this is happening Monica who has been captured by Pietro is attempting to escape discovering she has powers that are unknown to her at the time, and with these newly found powers she releases Agnes’s control over Pietro and escapes. While these two events are happening, a cop who was investigating alongside S.W.O.R.D. has been captured but manages to contact the police department and tell them that S.W.O.R.D. is doing suspicious things. The show goes back to the fight between Wanda and Agnes. Their fight leads them to the middle of the city where Agnes mind controls the people of Westview causing them the crowd Wanda asking her to free them. In response she attempts to open the hex’s barrier to free them causing a lot of stress on Wanda and letting a convoy of S.W.O.R.D. agents into Westview. With the enemies Wanda and her family have they all fight along with Monica to stop their assailants. In the end White Vision flies off to find the meaning of his life; The S.W.O.R.D. agents get arrested, and Wanda puts a spell on Agnes so she embodies her character that she portrays in the sitcom episodes.

WandaVision mainly focused on a story which, to some, was polarizing, but overall people think it is a step forwards from what they normally create. WandaVision focuses on confusing the viewer and making an overall strange story which worked its way increasing in strangeness until it reached the peak of its rising action then began to unfold everything. I believe that Marvel will continue to create these fascinating story driven shows in the future and they will continue to increase in quality.