Tom and Jerry New Movie

Tom and Jerry (2021) Movie Poster.


Tom and Jerry (2021) Movie Poster.

When you think of Tom and Jerry, for most people their minds automatically think back to their childhood. Back to those early Saturday Mornings in your pajamas, with a bowl of cereal sitting in front of the television watching hours of Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes. Well at least that’s what it was like in my house, until my mom got up and made breakfast and told me to turn the TV off and start on my chores. As I got older, cartoons weren’t typically what I would watch, and waking up early on Saturday was not my typical morning routine.

When the new Tom and Jerry movie came out, I had a little flashback to my childhood and I was a little skeptical to see it because it seemed a little far set from the actual cartoon that I remember watching as a child on Saturday mornings. At first I was skeptical that the cartoon colliding into a reality world where we live would offset and throw off the movie, but in the end I loved how both worlds could be together in one.

I watched the trailer and I thought it was pretty similar to the cartoon, just in a different setting, hence the fact that Tom and Jerry look like they are in New York just by looking at the movie picture. The main characters are played by a lot of well known actors like, Chloe Garcia, Michael Pena, Ken Jeong, Colin Jost, Pallavi Sharda and Rob Delaney. These actors are known for their comedy, especially Ken Jeong for his comedic personality so I assumed it was going to be a pretty funny movie.

In the trailer, I saw a very traditional Indian wedding or some sort of celebration and I was very confused because I didn’t understand when it would come into the movie. As I was watching the movie, it made a lot of sense. The movie shows Jerry taking refuge in a nice fancy hotel, which has a young employee teaming up with Tom to try and exterminate Jerry from the hotel, because of its very strict rules. The young employee gets sidetracked with a huge event that she has unexpectedly helped plan and coordinate for a young wealthy couple getting married in the hotel. Remember Spike? The dog that always chases Tom, well he is the wealthy young couple’s pet. The movie was a cartoon and reality world put together. The characters like Tom and Jerry were still cartoon characters living in the big city. The plot and timeline of the movie were not bad, they went back and forth with the different scenes which can be a little confusing, but other than that I thought it was pretty good. Now the real question: does it amount to the original cartoons that many of us are familiar with on Saturday mornings? I personally would say that it was even better because there was fun, a story plot, action, and still have the cartoon characters instilled within the movie. So yes, it was an amazing movie, and I definitely recommend watching it with family and friends.