You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown


Zoe Sim

The Cast of “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” at the end of their May 1st production.

On April 29th, 2021, the Mountain View drama program got to do something they hadn’t yet gotten to do this school year: put on a full actual show. Due to COVID reasons they were unable to have a fall play. They did get to have a fall musical review where they sang musical theater songs. This doesn’t compare to a full on show though, and we are excited that they were able to do it!

This year’s musical was “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”. It was double cast and starred senior Jackson Harding and sophomore AJ Madison as Charlie Brown. Mrs. Robertson, the teacher and director of the Musical Theater class, double cast the show because of COVID and size reasons. If one of the cast members gets sick and has to quarantine then there is another person who can step in. Both casts had an even amount of nights and thankfully, no one got sick.

Breanna Palmer is a senior and this was her last show at Mountain View. She played Lucy and even got to direct a little while Mrs. Robertson was on maternity leave. She said, “It was really fun for me because I was able to find a new passion in directing and find more opportunities in theater so that was really exciting.” Jackson and AJ loved their song with Lucy as Charlie Brown called “The Doctor Is In.” They talked about how they thought it was interesting to have it not really be his song and more of following her lead.

A lot of the main characters in this show have individual songs that focus on them. But Woodstock the bird is silent throughout the show, similar to how he is in the Charlie Brown comics. While she may not have had any lines, sophomore Lexi Borget still had her work cut out for her. Her whole character relied on her ability to express without words. She said, “It was definitely a challenge at first, trying to think of what to do, how to act, what would be best for my character. But as I went on I learned more about my character, how to do it and a lot of improvisation about how to act and what will convey my character…”

The drama class is very close. This was AJ’s first musical and like Breanna it was Jackson’s last. They were both pretty excited that they were able to do a show. Jackson said, “Any cast that I’ve ever been in, it’s always become a second family to me where I feel like I can be comfortable with them.” AJ agreed with this and said, “this class is fun, I can just be myself.” It is safe to say that we are all glad that they were able to do a successful show and wish the seniors the best as they move on.