Our Lives in Indigo

Everyone has a dream. Whether it’s broadway, the NFL or traveling the world, we all have something. Well, here at MVHS we find kids already going after their dreams. Rock music. Inspired by several artists such as the Beatles, the Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana, and more, Sophomore vocalist Brandon Henry and bassist Abner Arellano, along with two Orem High School students, guitarist Colton Flygare and drummer Sam Craddock, have been entertaining the community for a good 4 years. Their band “Our Lives in Indigo” is really living up to Mountain View’s school’s motto, “Bruin up a Legend.”

But it hasn’t always been this way. This band didn’t come together easily. Although their families and friends were always supportive, no dream is accomplished perfectly.

“There was a lot of drama in the band sometimes. We kicked people out, people wouldn’t show up, members were added later. It’s kind of crazy.” said lead vocalist Brandon Henry.

But you can’t just expect a dream to come true with a couple guitars, a bass, and a drum set… it takes work. Fellow bruin, Brian Avila helps by managing their group, getting them showcases to perform and helping their dream come true piece by piece. Of course their hope is to become the next big thing, but until then, they are just in it for “funsies” and for the extraordinary experience.