Keeper of the Lost Cities Review

One of my favorites book series is ‘Keeper of the Lost Cities’ by Shannon Messenger, but I’m only going to talk about the first book. So basically there is this 12 year old girl named Sophie Foster and she lived among humans believing she was one of them. Until one day when she was on a field trip to the museum with fellow high school seniors. Sophie saw a boy named Fitz who came up and talked to her. When a bunch of kindergartners barged in leaving both Sophie and Fitz at their mercy when their raging thoughts came in with all the other voices. Sophie suffered through her unique telepathic abilities since she was 5.

A little further in the book Fitz takes Sophie to the lost cites where she meets Fitz’s father Alden. So on there they meet some of the counselors where must prove herself. Once after that she gets check up on for her medical health. Needing the serums Alden took her to “Slurps and Burps” where she meets Dex. Sophie stays with Grady and Edaline where she hopes that they choose for her stay with them permanently.

The way Shannon Messenger writes is amazing. The actions of the characters speak for themselves. The characters still talk, but so much more detailed the way they respond. It likes getting little glimpses of their personalities in depth. The plot was really good the way she keeps you on your toes. The twist and turn the plot takes is a ride all in one.

My favorite character in book one is Dex. He super good at alchemy, because his father has him help in his shop “Slurps and Burps”. Dex does pranks a lot on this one girl claiming that she’s the worst. Also he doesn’t like Fitz, he always calls him “wonder boy”. It’s one of the things I picked up. I call Fitz “wonder boy” most of the time now. Dex has strawberry blond hair that fits him perfectly.

In all Sophie is very relatable which only makes it more fun to read. Seeing her thoughts are just over all is just the best. The way she sees her mistakes and tries to understand, but still fails. The best part is that she keeps trying over and over again no matter what. The way she doesn’t shy away from danger and the uncertainty is more than I can say for myself.

Alden is very trying. In that sense he tried to find Sophie for more than 12 year. That is some commitment, but even so he tries his best to keep people safe and overall tries to help the kids through whatever may be the bother. He is just an amazing person to have.

Overall I would recommend this book to anyone that loves a good laugh, also likes mystery to what’s ahead and takes the action in consideration.