Spotify Wrapped 2021 is here to take over your social media

The highly anticipated Spotify Wrapped 2021 year-in-review has arrived. Spotify Wrapped recaps all of your top songs, artists, genres, and more making it easy to see everything about your listening habits for the year. Head below for the details.
For users, Spotify Wrapped is simply a fun way to look back at the year in music on a personal level: You can reminisce where you were the first time you heard a new song, get nostalgic about dancing with your significant other to The Weeknd, or look at how far you’ve come since bawling along to Olivia Rodrigo‘s Sour and Taylor Swift‘s re-releases.
First and foremost, Spotify Wrapped shows you a variety of fun statistics about your listening habits. This includes your top artists, songs, and podcasts. You can also see your total “minutes listened” for the year. Here’s a full breakdown of what Spotify says your Wrapped 2021 will provide:
Your Top Songs 2021
Your Artists Revealed
Top Tracks & Artists of 2021
Best New Podcasts of 2021
Best Episodes of 2021
The Best of 2021
A Look Back at 2021
Here’s how to find your Spotify 2021 Wrapped experience. To get all of the interactive features, you’ll need to open the Spotify mobile app; it’s not available on the desktop or web version. If you’re not seeing it yet, try refreshing the app.
Through its data insights, users have been able to learn who their favorite artists were, how much time they spent streaming podcasts, and whether they qualify as fans of obscure genres like dance pop or bubble grunge. Of course, one of the biggest draws is that you can also share each of these discoveries with your followers on social media, giving everybody else a sneak peek at your private listening habits.
Not to mention, this year’s edition of Spotify Wrapped also has a new section dedicated to characterizing your “Audio Aura” (choosing a swirl of color that best represents your music taste), as well as quiz cards that test how well you know your own library.
I interviewed in my classmate Brianna about it and this is what she said: “I think it’s a fun way to find out who you’ve been listening to the most and show your favorite songs and artists, and it’s also displayed in such a way that makes you feel certain emotions, like being proud or embarrassed of who you listened to.
So what about people who don’t use Spotify? Apple Music users who can’t enjoy Spotify Wrapped, but they have access to Apple Music Replay which includes a compilation of a user’s most played songs and lists most listened to artists and albums, plus an option to listen to playlists dating back to 2015.
In short, there are a ton of unique features associated with Wrapped 2021 that you will want to play around with. However, you won’t have an unlimited amount of time to do this, as the annual roundup will disappear from the Spotify platform, sooner rather than later.