MV Music Demographic

Sometime during September, the students of MVHS filled out a survey about what their favorite kind of music is. The results were much different than we initially anticipated.

At first, we thought that the music taste of the students would somewhat follow what was trending on billboard, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. but it was quite the opposite.

The most popular music genres amongst our generation are R&B, rock, hip-hop, pop, country, and latin. We thought that pop would top the MVHS charts but to our surprise, it was rock by a long shot. Absolutely no competition. We were sure that our top artists would be Harry Styles, Steve Lacy, Tyler, The Creator, and Kanye West and for the most part, we were right. The artists that were mentioned the most were Tyler, The Creator, Ye, and Bad Bunny.

Tyler, The Creator is a hip-hop and rap focused music artist, though he isn’t confined to only those genres.

Kanye West (who recently changed his name to Ye) is a rapper who became famous by producing for other artists and eventually started making his own music. He has had multiple albums go platinum and has well over 10 billion streams.

Bad Bunny is a latin trap and reggaeton rapper and singer who became popular in 2016. His newest album “Un Verano Sin Ti” has over two billion streams and he has over 64 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

To gather further insight on the hyper-specific niches of our schools music taste, we interviewed students with varying styles.

“I found shoegaze sorta online through Spotify eventually ‘cause of the rock I listen to. Also the algorithm on TikTok and Instagram gave me a lot of videos and posts about “My Bloody Valentine” so that’s mainly how I started listening. I was like 15 ½ when I started to get into bands like “Duster” and MBV.” said Cohen Jones.

Another student said, “My dad was really into music so he got me into it at a young age. He listens to a lot of rock and 90’s rap so I got really into that stuff. I listen to pop, rap, and stuff like Queen and The Beatles. One of my best friends introduced me to my favorite artist Billie Eillish in fifth grade and that’s kinda how my music taste was created.” She then went on to say, “ I’m really influenced by the people around me so mainstream stuff is cool.”

Not only did we ask for the students’ favorite genres and artists, but favorite songs and albums as well. The most loved album was to no one’s surprise “IGOR” by Tyler, The Creator. We would also like to acknowledge “Un Verano Sin Ti” by Bad Bunny as an honorable mention based on the amount of comments it received. “IGOR” is Tyler, The Creators 2019 studio album featuring 12 songs such as: “I THINK”, “NEW MAGIC WAND”, “GONE, GONE / THANK YOU”, and so on. “IGOR” has over 123 million streams and counting and won the 2020 Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. The album features rap tracks with calming synths and beautiful instrumentals. It’s very deserving of the favorite album among the MVHS students title.

All in all, MVHS has a ton of music diversity. Ask one of your peers about their favorite music; you might just find something you really love.