Mario Movie

For everyone who’s grown up playing the Super Mario Bros. games, getting a movie is pretty exciting. However, the trailer seems to have people scratching their heads.

This trailer introduces some of our characters. We all know the classic plumber brothers. You have your short, brave, red plumber Mario, and his tall, lean, and anxious brother, Luigi. This trailer gives us a little twist though. It starts with our antagonist, Bowser. He takes over an ice kingdom filled with small penguins to gain a super star. From this, we learn that Bowser is attempting to be the most powerful creature in the kingdom. He seems to be collecting these items for his own.

Cut to a complete different scene and we meet Mario. He has just come from a green tube, but is without his brother. It seems it is his first time in this strange land as he looks around in awe and asks himself, “What is this place?” Before being screamed at by a Toad. They then run off to Mushroom kingdom.

If you watch to the very end of the trailer, you finally see Luigi. He is running from dry bones, trying to escape death.

This trailer didn’t give it’s audience much to work with. They didn’t really introduce much of the story and just showed some environment and characters. This is an interesting way to do this, because it can keep people hooked and asking for more.

Now, there have been a lot of complaints about Chris Pratt playing Mario. As most fans know, Mario is an italian plumber who loves his pastas. Chris Pratt doesn’t seem to be making an attempt at changing his voice to fit the character.

“It’s a disgrace to humanity. It’s not right.” Spring Branam states passionately.

“No. No. No.” Hayden Spresser says after hearing Mario speak, his first time watching the trailer.

We did have some say they thought Chris Pratt was a fine choice though.

“I think Chris Pratt being Mario is a solid choice.” Megan Wilson says.

Either way though, this has people wondering, how will this movie turn out? Will it be amazing? Or will it be attacked by intense Mario fans? Leave your comments down below.