MVHS celebrates The Performing Arts Week

Art. When most people hear the word they may think of drawing, painting, or even sketching. Despite that being true, there are many other forms of art. Art is a product which someone creates in order to express an idea, an emotion, or a perspective they have.

To help promote performing arts and give attention to students’ part in it, MVHS had Performing Arts Week which lasted from March 14 to March 17. There was a performance on Wednesday, the Utah Shakespeare production in the auditorium, and there were lunchtime activities during each day.

This kind of art is storytelling, it’s all about acting our stories and could use other forms of art as well. In drama, you have to not only act out the stories, but the characters’ personalities, build the sets, and create the lighting and sound effects. Drama can be either real or fictional events and a well known artist for drama is William Shakespeare, who has made popular plays like Romeo and Juleit.

There are many kinds of dance styles, and similar to drama, dancing is a sequence of movements. Most often dancing is seen as symbolic. Dancing can also tell stories even without speaking just by the movements and it’s often used to celebrate. A well known dancer is Michael Jackson, who made the Moonwalk.

Unlike the last two, you don’t see music, you hear it. Music can be done by instruments like piano, guitar, drums, or even by singing. And just like almost every style of art, music can tell a story, create a tone, and be used to celebrate. A well known musician is Justin Bieber who made the song “STAY.”