Students Start Comedic Podcast and Bring Laughter to the Crazy New School Year


Lauren Jacob

Tony Jeppson (left) and Brooke Nielsen (right) after filming the first episode of the Tony and Brooke Podcast.

Senior students Tony Jeppson and Brooke Nielsen have decided to document the unprecedented crazy Covid school year with their very own podcast, in which they interview students and discuss their lives. From asking interesting questions to telling fascinating stories, the podcast has thus far been a comedic hit.

When asked how the idea for the podcast began, Nielsen laughed, explaining that she “said it as a joke one time.” Then about a month later Jeppson brought it up at a volleyball game and “started telling people” about it. And that is how the magical podcast came to be.

After only knowing one another for “about four months” according to Jeppson, the two embarked on their podcast journey with help from friend and producer, Lauren Jacob. Now they have five episodes and are going strong, posting a new podcast each week. They have had a new guest on the show every episode, save for the few where it has been only the iconic duo discussing one matter or another.

With two friendly and charismatic people hosting the show, it’s no wonder that the podcast has had such great success thus far, quickly gaining fame throughout the school. With guests ranging from students to teachers, there’s something fun for everyone to listen to.

The first guest student on the podcast was Kaden Kunz, who attended the infamous volleyball game where the podcast came into form. In an interview he stated that being on the podcast was “so much fun,” and that the duo was “very professional” in their questioning.

Producer Lauren Jacob— the “number one producer in the world” according to Jeppson— brought to light that “it is hard not to laugh during podcast production” with the constant flow of comedic, sometimes silly repertoire. From managing the Instagram, to taping the podcast, Jacob is heavily involved in the show. When asked what her favorite part about the whole affair is, Jacob stated that she really just loves to “go to the podcast [filming] and listen to them” because “they’re funny.”

Even though the podcast has only been around for a short amount of time, Jeppson explained that it has “been a good way to meet new people,” and that on occasion, students will approach both of them and say that they’ve listened to the show. Nielsen added that “the podcast really connects people.”

The two have plans to continue the podcast for as long as they can, not wanting it to “become an epic failure” according to Jeppson. But so far, both Jeppson and Nielsen don’t appear to feel disappointed in their work, with Jeppson claiming that “[they] are doing pretty stellar.”

If you want to listen to the awesomely hilarious Tony and Brooke Podcast, you can find and subscribe to them @tonyandbrooke on Instagram, or @Tony&Brooke on Spotify.