Orchesis Performance

Mountain View High School boys basketball comes to support Orchesis for their lunchtime performance.

Orchesis is a contemporary dance team that has been key to the artistic expression of many dancers at Mountain View High School and unfailingly delivers the same sort of experience to its audience. On top of their own solo performances and showcases, Orchesis also regularly does halftime performances for the football and basketball teams– the only group to do so, excepting the cheerleaders. This school year, however, these dancers have had to adapt and adjust to the Covid-19 regulations that prevent them from performing as they regularly would; one of these restrictions that was set in place was that Orchesis would not be able to perform at a rivalry basketball game against Orem. So, during lunch on Tuesday, February 19th, Orchesis performed in the commons area of MVHS to show support for the basketball teams the same way they would’ve had they been allowed to dance on the court.
Orchesis was able to perform masked on the field during football season because it was outdoors with sufficient physical distancing, so this lunchtime performance was the first time that the team has had to adjust the setting and time of their dance. However, Orchesis adapted to these challenges and created a meaningful experience even with the setbacks. Both the boys and girls basketball teams came to cheer on Orchesis, both groups uniting in the purpose of cheering each other on. The dance was choreographed by Brayden Singley and is a fun, upbeat, fast paced piece full of many different formations and dance sequences of varying difficulty. It was not only pleasing to the eye, but also to the heart– the energy that flowed from the team was infectious, to say the least. Here’s a video recording of the performance:

Orchesis Jan. 2021

The thing that truly sets Orchesis apart is the excellent calibur– both in life and in their art– of the dancers. Madie Bramble, a junior on the team, said, “This performance was really special, I think, to all of us. The halftime we performed was one of our favorites– and as a team we are all so close, so it was just a fun bonding experience in the midst of all the crazy with Covid.” Bramble continued on to say, “This year in general, as well as in dance, I have learned that, in life, not everything is expected, and it shouldn’t be– because that’s what makes life an adventure.” Olivia Holyoak, a senior member of the dance team, corroborated these feelings with this simple and powerful statement: “I have learned to be grateful for every opportunity I have as a result of this year. Extracurriculars being canceled is hard, but it also makes the things that aren’t canceled all the sweeter.” Orchesis truly delivered on this sentiment through this lunchtime activity, taking both those that they were cheering for and those that were cheering for them on a journey of firsts that nobody involved will soon forget.