Period product dispensers remain empty

Imagine sitting in class one day getting your work done only to feel that dreaded moment, and you instantly know it’s that time of the month. Now to add to this predicament you weren’t aware that this time of the month would happen today at this very moment. You simply did not come to school prepared for such inconvenience. Fight or flight has kicked in so you manage to attain the hall pass before embarrassment ensues. Now you have a few limited options: A) Go to the restroom hoping that the school provided menstrual product dispensers have anything besides trash stuffed in them. B) Quickly text your friends to see if anyone can bring you something. C) Make a visit to the office and verbalize how you are about to bleed through.

What is the point in saying this short story? For many female, or other students that experience periods, it became an evident thing earlier in the school year that in the women’s restrooms there were free period product dispensers that were provided. This advancement in the society of Mountain View was a huge breakthrough, but now there is a catch. The dispensers are still there however there are regularly no products in sight. So was there even a point in this addition to the bathrooms? Now just to give some perspective, before the new dispensers there was more of a chance to find products in the bathrooms than there is now.

One of the students at our school Ally Thompson said, “You think that they would be useful, but there is nothing in them. So it doesn’t even matter.” We’ve gone over how they have had a negative outcome. Now what do we do about this? As a student body it is important to stand together for the needs of our school, and take our education into our hands. For an education we need to be able to have access to emergency necessities. Administration this is where you come in by fulfilling that emptiness of which is being stated.

Though there are obvious downsides to this proposal. Such as it is difficult to regulate how many products an individual grabs. This is due to it being built on an honesty policy. Most of the time when there’s a case of someone being dishonest there is an underlying issue of the individual not being able to have such access to these needs at home. So what do we do to solve this? At Mountain View there have been several donation activities throughout the year. So what would be wrong about holding an additional one for menstrual products for those with lower incomes at our school. Thus having both of these improvements will make it so those who don’t have access either at home or at school can take care of themselves. To sum everything up, if we donate period products for people that can’t afford it then we will be able to regularly restock the free period product dispensers at our school.