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What is Motive’s motive?


Have you ever had the privilege of watching the movie “Pitch Perfect”? It’s about incredible singers who put their voices and creativity together and perform unique and entertaining songs. Here, at Mountain View, it’s called Motive. According to Aiden Ashton, a member of Motive, it is an advanced after school choir practice, classified as the period B9. However, Motive is not your typical high school choir, it is an acapella group where members use their voices to create harmonies and instrumental sounds, without ever using any musical instruments or recordings. He informed me that “Motive performs more often than the other choirs, but not as often as Chamber.” They are going to be performing in some of the local junior highs to advocate for more males to join choir in the next few years. They also perform at venues when invited, as well as other schools. Ashton started in the summer, and his face lit up as he was speaking about it. Ashton attests to the positive environment of Motive with a glimmer in his eyes and words of affection. Everyone backs each other up and understands that mistakes are a part of human nature, so they don’t tend to point out any missed notes in their warmups. During this time, they all get to know and recognize each other’s voices. For warmup, Ashton said they pick a song and improvise together. Motive occurs after school every Friday.

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