COVID Vaccine

With Covid going around for a year now we have finally gotten a Vaccine. There are currently two vaccines worldwide. The question is should you get one or not and which one.

Pfizer BioNTech Vaccine v.s. Moderna Vaccine
These two are the vaccines that have been made so far. The Pfizer vaccine was made for people 16 years old or older. From, “Partial results suggest that the AstraZeneca shot is about 70% effective for preventing illness from coronavirus infection, compared to the 95% efficacy reported by Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech.” So far the Pfizer vaccine has proven the most effective against viruses from other countries. From, “The vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna provide some protection after the first dose, but clinical studies show they’re 95% effective after two doses.” So this proves that even whether you choose to take Pfizer or Moderna you will still get the same results.

Why people are Against the Vaccine
Ever since the vaccine has come out there have been rumors that it is going to mess up our DNA and mess up our body’s system. That is not true. Some viruses do and people have the right to think so, but these people think that the vaccines affect our DNA permanently. This is the same thing that if you got another vaccine it acts the same. Not all vaccines are mRNA, but both the COVID vaccines are. Some viruses get encoded into our DNA, but our body often sees that it isn’t supposed to be there and it deletes it. Other times it gets encoded in our DNA and then our body then adapts to have it there having no effect on our body. That is the virus that attacks your DNA not the vaccine.

How the mRNA Vaccine works
Viruses are pretty much all the same, but some are different from others. The thing that is mostly talked about is the way that attacks and affects the human body. Viruses have played with our genetic code., “mRNA vaccines work by providing the genetic code for our cells to produce viral proteins. Once the proteins, which don’t cause disease, are produced, the body launches an immune response against the virus, enabling the person to develop immunity.” This is the way that vaccines work and not always, the mRNA vaccines are new.