Riddles and jokes

Riddles and jokes

Test your smarts and see if you can figure out the riddles:

You’re driving to your aunt’s for dinner and it’s freezing cold outside. All of a sudden your car breaks down. You pull off to the side of the road and get out. You need to find a way to town. You look at your phone and it is dead. You start walking and you end up in the wilderness. You reach a fork in the road. There are three ways to go. One leads to a group of wolves. One leads to bears, and one is to a river covered by thin ice. Which way is the safest?

A man is murdered. The officer arrives and the only 4 men are there. It’s the Elway brothers. Their names are Dan, John, Mark and Dylan. They all hated the man and had motives to kill him. The Officer received a tip on who was the murderer. It was a note that said, “?, He was the killer.” The officer read the note and knew who to arrest. Who is the murderer?

A new Club opens up in town and you and your friends want to go. When you get there you see there is a bouncer and there was a password. You listen to the people before you. The bouncer said. “6” and the person said “3”. The next person came up to the door and the bouncer said, ”10” and the person replied, “3”. You and your friends get to the bouncer and he says, “8”. What do you say back?

Alright here are the jokes for you guys.
What did the nut say to the other nut while chasing it.
I’m a cashew

How does a penguin build a house?
Igloos itself together

Why did the hipster drown?
He went ice skating before it was cool.

What’s red and bad for your teeth.
A brick

These riddles were made by 7 second riddles, if you want to check out more of their riddles go to YouTube and search up 7 second riddles.



  1. Path 2. It’s winter and the bears are most likely are Hibernating. Path 2 is the way to go.  
  2. Read it out loud. Question Mark, he is the murderer. Mark is the murderer.
  3. You have to tell the bouncer how many letters are in the number, So if he said 6 you would say 3. If he said, 10 you would say 3. The correct answer is 5.