FCCLA: Laser Tag Fundraiser


Amber Rasmussen

FCCLA Presidency at the laser tag fundraiser.

The FCCLA Laser Tag Fundraiser was held on Saturday, February 27, 2021. It started at 11:30 and ended at 9 pm. Each session was to be there five to ten minutes before their game. The Laser Tag fundraiser was put together by the faculty and students.

Held for the first time, as the Sweetheart’s dance was not allowed to happen, was a laser tag fundraiser, which was a success. The event was put together by FCCLA President, Jenna Meyers, and Vice President of Star Events Kristen Evans; a competition in the club’s organization. They put hard work and dedication into making the event great for both the students and the chaperones who were there all day.
The assembly of the laser tag took a little over a month to put together with the approval of the administration, but with the help of elbow grease and TLC, everything went perfectly, even though the games got postponed to start until one o’clock in the afternoon.