What Are Popular Summer Vacations?


Stux Dresh

Where are you going this summer?

With summer quickly approaching, I thought it was time to start thinking about where the best places to visit and vacation are this year!

If you want to stay in the USA because traveling internationally is a little unpredictable with covid still lingering around, here is a list of the places that would provide a fun and eye opening experience for the whole family. The top place to visit is Washington DC, with so many museums, libraries and memorials there will be plenty to keep you moving and learning.
New York is another exciting destination, full of history and shopping–there is sure to be something for everyone. The Catskill’s are another region that is growing and hiking enthusiasts can find all sorts of trails to explore.

If it is warmth you are looking for I would recommend Florida. You can go from all things Disney to the beach to a wildlife refuge. There is something for everyone and families and singles alike can enjoy the sun and relaxed culture Florida has to offer.

If nature is calling–go to Alaska! It is beautiful and you find it less crowded than usual and travel sites are offering deals that we haven’t seen in years. If you want to cruise or sightsee by train due to capacity restrictions you will find these adventures more open with all the same amenities. You can fish, hike, photograph and really take time to enjoy the joys of nature here.

If you are willing to brave an international adventure I would have to recommend Mexico. It is known for its warm weather and friendly people. Not to mention the delicious food and vibrant culture. There is something for everyone to discover here.

Perhaps you are looking for something a bit further? Try Japan! With the Olympics you will find an even more travel friendly country. They have impressive English signs that make travel by train simple and easy. There is so much to see and do here, the food, the buildings and the cherry blossoms if you are lucky!

If you have a bit more to spend, Bermuda may be the place for you! If you live on the East coast it is pretty close and with resorts just reopening there are some terrific deals to be had. The island is so beautiful and welcoming that you are sure to have a fabulous vacation to write home about.

If you are ready for more than a staycation, check out any of these areas for an opportunity to see history, make memories and rejuvenate your spirit that has been hibernating all year!