We’re Making History: Covid?

As seen in the previous ‘we are making histories’, we talk an awful lot about the global COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout this we have seen many different difficulties, and Utah issuing, as well as dismissing, a statewide mandate for masks. We first heard of this on March 9th, so many are feeling relieved, and some are feeling uneasy. Also with Utah now allowing people 16 and over to get vaccinated, makes me wonder if my fellow peers would get vaccinated. Also with Governor Cox bring down our state mask mandate on April 10th, makes me rather curious if they will continue wearing masks. Let’s go see what they say!

“I feel like businesses will still continue to hold their mandates and believe that’s a good thing in places with lots of people. I plan on getting the Covid vaccine starting in may.”

“I’m not very concerned about it. Those who are worried can get the vaccine and those who aren’t can live the normal lives they want to live. I don’t think I’m going to get the vaccine. I’m not worried about getting COVID and I would rather leave it for those who are at health risk and concerned about it.”

“I’m getting the vaccine soon. I think the mandate is nice because not many people will wear after it’s not required. I honestly don’t mind it that much. I think it would still be beneficial to wear because not everyone has a vaccine and people are still getting sick.”

“I think it’s exciting to see the progress that has been made in a year! The improvements and the way we have been able to adapt is quite impress! I probably will get the vaccine! I’m not eager or rushing to do so but it would be nice to get the numbers necessary to get things as back to normal as possible!”