Halloween: Saturday or Sunday?

Wow! It’s finally halloween weekend, but wait halloween is on a sunday!? Well at Mountain View High School, most students said they will be going out to trick or treat on Saturday. On the other hand, some students’ parents prefer Sunday night because they don’t work. Little kids in the elementary school don’t really care; they do as their parents say.
While asking high school students if they were going to trick or treat, there was a good gap between Saturday or just not going out at all. Most students voted on Saturday overall, The students that said Sunday were the students that had to work or do something else on Saturday. Students said that the reason Sunday was not a good trick or treating night was because it was a school night.
Parents liked the idea of Saturday and Sunday because it’s a good distraction for the kids on both nights, and the kids will be getting double the candy. Kids enjoy dressing up as well and two nights of dress up plus if they dressed up for school it’s three days!!
The elementary kids don’t care as much. Can they really tell the difference between the nights? Sundays would be great for the parents if they work, but in Utah with all the churches it’s not a regular thing to go out that night especially on halloween but that’s all on personal preference.
In conclusion most students and parents prefer and will be going out on Saturday because it’s a school night, Church day and a saturday in general and a lot easier for most.