…and One More for Halloween!

By: Mckenzie Ezola


When we were younger, trick-or-treating was the best thing that could ever happen to a sugar-addicted kid. These days teenagers aren’t exactly praised for trick-or-treating or dressing up like when they were kids. When I was little, my mother would make most of my costumes–now she thinks I shouldn’t even dress up, claiming that I am “too old.” So if you’re not planning on trick-or-treating this year, then what are you doing? And if you still plan on going trick-or-treating, I say right on! And good luck. Hopefully you won’t have any old people chase you off their lawns. However, in case you want to have a fun, interesting Halloween without any trick-or-treating, what are you planning on doing? This article is about fun and interesting things that teenagers can do for a rad Halloween.
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-Ride the Halloween Lift at the Sundance Resort.
-Pass out candy to the kids.
-Dress up super scary and go
-Haunted houses:
*Castle of Chaos
*Haunted circus.
*Fear Factory
*Zombie Apocalypse
*Nightmare on 13th
-Throw a party/go to a party.
– “Sit at home.” (Mr. Clegg)
-Scary movie marathon.
-Make caramel apples.
-Sit on your porch, dressed up as a dummy or scarecrow and when people come… scare them!