Shooting in Orem Utah

By: Josh Gentry

An Orem man is dead after a shooting in the 800 N. Macey’s parking lot after trying to steal an SUV. A bystander went to help the vehicle’s owner and the man rushed at him.

Ned Jackson from the Orem Police Department stated that a fight took place at about 10:45 a.m. Saturday, May 2. People at the scene told the officer that the man had assaulted one of the women at the location.

The suspect, who had been running from the police before he was shot, stole two vehicles before stopping at the Macey’s parking lot. An officer tried to pull the car over when the man started to flee from the police. After losing the police, the man crashed the car and stole a truck. After reporting that his truck had been stolen, the police told the man to stop chasing the suspect because they were concerned about the man’s and other people’s safety.

Around 11:45 the suspect pulled into the parking lot. The suspect then tried to steal the SUV. Police stated that the suspect got in the car and the women started to fight and scream for help.

A bystander near the car walked over to try and help the lady. The man, who had a concealed carry permit, ordered the man to get out of the SUV at gunpoint. The suspect got out of the car with his hands up and then charged at the man, trying to take his gun. The man shot once, shooting the suspect in the chest.

Police say that the suspect was 27 years old. His name has yet to be released until they can notify family members. He was taken to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo, where he later died from his injuries. Police also stated that the man had outstanding felony warrants.

The shooter is a 31 year old male. The owner of the SUV, the truck owner and the shooter were all taken to the police station for questioning.