Ash Rains Down on Chile

By: Michelle Acosta

Two major disasters have struck Chile in short succession. The first was a massive flood in the desert region. The second, the eruption of Calbuco. Heavy rain started in the north on March 25, 2015. The rain would soon turn into what would destroy multiple cities and families. According to ibtimes, there are currently 25 dead, and over 125 people missing. Massive mudslides came down the cities Atacama, Tarapaca, Antofagasta and Coquimbo literally sweeping Chileans off their feet. The water rose to citizens’ hips, and higher. Many roads and supplies have been cut off; luckily, Chile has been able to get some help through neighbors and people outside the country as well.

Before floods abated, Mt. Calbuco blasted the South, a volcano which hasn’t erupted since the 1970s. On April 22 people began to see the cloud of ash form. Within hours, the ashes reached the cities and completely buried restaurants, and homes. The cities closest to the volcano had to be evacuated due to pollution. Little remains now but mountains of ash.

Bleak as the situation is, support is flowing in to Chile from all over the world, including Utah. On Saturday May 23, 2015, a benefit party took place at Jordan High School. All the proceeds went to Chilean relief efforts. With time, and more help, Chile will soon be out of the mud and ash, and back to normal.