1,000 Bruins


By Stephano Puertas & Colton West

Before the Bruins overtook the Orem Tigers in both basketball games a few nights ago, MVHS Students were promised to gain rewards in return for having different amount of ‘Bruins’ at the games. The highest amount that was required was 1000 Bruins. This was a big deal for the students and encouraged 80% of the school to arrive at the game. Marking each student with a certain number upon arrival. Marking the Bruins from 1 to 1000. As the game went on, the 1000th student finally arrived and was marked with the number on his hand. Everyone thought we had gained the rewards that were promised to the students by the Student Council. Dr. Chun, however they have expressed there was a quantity of people who were a part of the mass, who weren’t Bruins. This is a very hard thing to analyze due to the amount of people who attended the game. It’s unclear whether or not we reached the goal of students but the principal has said that he’ll be taking off 400 off the 1200 that were marked with a number. Making the total amount come down to 800 students. It’s hard to see whether this is best way to calculate what the students have earned or if we’re counting off too many students that actually were apart of the number. MVHS Students will be earning their rewards for the 800 and as an addition, Dr. Chun has announced that we will be getting our Spirit Bowl, and a Black Light Stomp dance.