Thespian Excitement Rises for the Drama Banquet

By Grant Stowell

Mountain View High School’s drama department is now preparing for the annual banquet on May 18th! The Drama Banquet (managed by Joseph T. Stanley) holds a number of events, the first being the actual dinner banquet. After which MVHS Thespian Presidency then hosts the award ceremony which showcases the best actors and techies in the shows as well as the best one act directed by the Drama 4 students. Along with the award ceremony the beloved directors will announce the upcoming shows for 2016-17. The order of the shows announced is as followed: The Shakespeare show, the first musical, the senior show, a straight play, and lastly the second musical. Next the ceremony reveals who will be in the Thespian Presidency next year. As seen the Drama Banquet is quite an exciting event for the thespians here at Mountain View and it gives students something to look forward to next school year.