Mountain View cheer team takes first place at Weber State competition after a tough year



Mountain View Cheer Team

On the 29th of January the Mountain View cheer team won the competition at Weber State. This being their last competition until nationals they really wanted to go out with a bang. This year has been really tough for the team: Teammates quitting, not being eligible to compete, constantly changing formations, sickness, injuries and much more. Facing all these hardships makes it very difficult to practice consistently, and accomplish what the team wants to accomplish during a competition and cheer season.
The team had been working really hard trying to make upgrades and improve their routine in order to get ready for the competition at Weber. They had morning practices every B day at 6am in order to cram in extra hours to prepare for the competition. The day of the competition the cheerleaders were excited and ready to compete. As they warmed up, stunts weren’t hitting as well as they would have liked, so going out on the mat was very nerve-racking. The girls performed their routine to the best of their abilities, and it was incredibly fun to watch. After a long day of competing, awards finally came around, and the team was ecstatic to find out that they had taken 1st place. Senior cheer captain Kylie Horton says, “Winning at Weber was so rewarding and just made all of our hard work worth it.” This quote shows only a small portion of how rewarding it was for the team to take 1st and have all of their hard work pay off.
Competition season is a really stressful time for the cheer team because not only are they getting ready for competitions, but they are constantly practicing for and cheering at basketball games. Makeila Lawrence, junior cheer captain, talks about the hardest parts of being on the competition cheer team and says, “The hardest part definitely is trying to push harder and work more when you aren’t necessarily winning. It doesn’t help with your motivation when you’re not winning, but when you do win, it is more rewarding than ever.”
As of right now the cheer team is working hard and getting ready to go to California for nationals. They are progressing quickly in practice and working on many upgrades to make their routine the best it can be. Nationals is like no other competition that they have competed at. It is a very high stress and intense competition so preparing for this requires many hours of practice. Luckily the team has had most of February to prepare and master their routine because the competition isn’t until February 23rd-27th. Good luck Mountain View cheer!