Reaching out to those in need

Suicide Awareness Month

Someone checking in on a person to see how they are.

Angelina Almanza

Someone checking in on a person to see how they are.

The Month of September is suicide prevention month. Suicide happens every day and all around the world. Just in Utah, the website said 91% of citizens have reported that they were affected by suicide. This month is a great time to remember just how important reaching out to others is.

Some may think that just reaching out to others may not be super helpful, but it’s more helpful than most think. When asked how they would feel if someone asked how they were, Luscious Lyons said, “it would be nice to know someone cared that much to check.¨ This shows that checking in on someone even if not needed tells the person that someone cares. If you see someone looking upset, talk to them and see if they are alright. It only takes a few minutes to check up on someone. Reaching out to someone could be the difference between someone’s life and death. Even if it is yourself that is feeling this way you can reach out to someone for help. Even though the idea of having to reach out to someone because they show signs of suicide is upsetting, it’s our duty as a society to help each other.

If we have to reach out to those in need, then how do we know who needs help? When asked what they would do to reach out to someone, Luscious Lyons said, ¨I would talk to them or text them to see how they are doing.¨ Some signs that someone may need help are- talking about killing or harming oneself, talking or writing a lot about death or dying, and seeking out things that could be used in a suicide attempt, such as weapons and drugs according to Everyone reacts differently when they are upset. If you even have a little suspicion that someone is upset, go talk to them. Not only should we check in with people who show signs of being upset/depressed we should also check up on people who don’t show any signs.

Many people don’t show signs that they are upset. Some may even smile or laugh. Some people try to hide that they are upset to make others not worry. This is why we should reach out even if there are no signs. The best way to make sure someone is fine is to talk to them, and simply ask. You can check up on people who are friends, family and even strangers.

Some might not know what to do if they check up on someone and that person is suicidal/depressed. The best thing for someone to do in this situation is to talk to the person and make them feel better. Then you should direct the person to some help from an adult who knows more about the situation. Some things you could detect the person to are the 24/7 lifeline (988), their school counselor, their parents/guardians, a teacher, the SafeUT app and more.

If someone you know or yourself is feeling suicidal/depressed reach out to someone for help. This is a big issue for many in the world. The best way to start talking to some for help is to talk to a family member, teacher, friend or someone you trust. If you are feeling suicidal/depressed know that you are not alone and people are willing to help. If there is no one you feel comfortable talking to there is always the suicide and crisis lifeline (988).