Mountain View Homecoming Dance 2022

Mountain view held their 2022 Homecoming dance in the east gym on September 24th and everyone danced the night away! Lot’s of students were big fans of the soda bar and all the other refreshments that were there. Students mentioned how much they enjoyed the dance and music especially. These are some other of the students favorite parts: One of the student council members Tess Rasmussen (12) explains what she’s excited for and how the student council came up with the theme. Tess Rasmussen says the theme for homecoming today is a fairytale specifically inspired from Taylor Swift. The student council came up with this theme because it stood out the most compared to the other themes the council came up with as well as they wanted to do something similar to last year due to keeping up the Taylor theme. She also mentioned that the student council wanted to do something tied in with last year’s theme. Tess also says her guesses for homecoming king and queen are Jackson McCarty and Hallie Ford because they are both super sweet, caring and are very well known among the school. Tess is most looking forward to dancing with all of her friends and making it a special night to remember. She also talks about how she will especially remember this night because this will be her last homecoming due to her being a senior. Another student Aidan Bradley (11) says this is his first dance and he’s most looking forward to dancing with his date and soaking in all the good memories. He hopes to hear a bit of Ed Sheeran to dance to with his date. Isaac Rodriguez (12) is most looking forward to the soda bar that will be held at the dance. He mentions he is super excited to be going with his date Kallie Kunz (12). Jayden Krug (12) Says he went mini golfing with his date which was probably his favorite part then went to lunch with his group and after they got ready for the dance and hang out after it was over. He also mentions his favorite part was the refreshments, music and the slow dancing. One thing he wished was different was the location. Some things that stuck out about this dance compared to the others because it was very planned compared to the others, another thing that stuck out was the environment, it was super inviting and dancing all together was nice to put everyone’s differences aside Jayden says. Lots of seniors this year mention how sad they are that this will be the last homecoming for them but they are excited for future dances. Homecoming King & Queen were Cody Burr & Brielle Miller, second place was Jackson McCarty & Hallie Ford and last place was Hunter Petty & Abby Hyatt. Cody represented boys wrestling, Brielle represented girls volleyball, Jackson represented football, Hallie represented cheer, Hunter represented boys track and last but not least Abby represented girls tennis. To conclude, everyone had a great time and it was definitely a night to remember!