Movies to watch this October



DVDs on a cartoon ghost and pumpkin background representing October movies.

The month of October is a great time to sit down and watch some movies with family, friends, and even yourself. A lot of people like to watch a film that feels like a fall or scares them during this time of year. With that people tend to have a similar problem. Sitting down with some people or by themselves going through tons of movies debating on what to watch. Many of those people end up settling for a movie they barely enjoy. So, what are some movies to watch when this problem happens?

Many people like to watch horror movies around this time of year. Even Adilyn Usher, a sophomore said, ¨I love to watch scary movies because they give me an adrenaline rush.¨ If you are a person who likes a good scare during this time of year you should watch ¨The Conjuring¨ one and two. ¨The Conjuring¨ is a rated-R movie based on a true story about two paranormal investigators who confront a powerful entity to help a family. The R rating is based on the movies being mostly based on the violent and frightening scenes in the movie according to You can watch the first movie on ¨Apple Tv¨ for $3.99. You can also watch the second movie on ¨Netflix¨ free with a paid subscription. You can also find these on DVD.

Some people love horror movies but don’t like to watch rated-R movies. If you are a person who doesn’t like rated-R movies you should watch ¨Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark¨. This is a rated PG-13 movie about some teenagers who find a book that writes horror stories that come true. This movie is based on a book series. The movie isn’t known to be super scary but is a good horror movie for its rating. You can find this movie on ¨Netflix¨ with a paid subscription. You can also watch this on DVD.

Some people love horror movies then some people do not. If you don’t like horror movies you might be like the teacher Mrs.Tonga who said, ¨I don’t like horror movies because they are creepy and scary and don’t make me happy.¨ Although there are people who don’t like horror movies they still want to watch a spooky movie during October. Even Mrs. Tonga, who hates horror movies, said that she likes to watch ¨Hocus Pocus¨ one and two. She also said she likes to watch ¨Nightmare Before Christmas¨. ¨Hocus Pocus¨ one and two are about three witch sisters who eat children and “The Nightmare Before Christmas¨ is about a Halloween town that tries to make its own Christmas. These movies are great spooky but not scary movies to watch this October. You can find those movies on ¨Disney+¨ with a paid subscription. You can watch the first ¨Hocus Pocus¨ and ¨Nightmare Before Christmas¨ on DVD. The second ¨Hocus Pocus” is not yet available for DVD.

There are many more movies that people should watch this October that would make a huge list. The suggestions made are only a small portion of that list. Whether you like scary movies or not there is most likely a movie for you to watch this time of year. So sit down with some family, and friends or by yourself and watch a movie. Some honorable mentions are ¨It¨, ¨Monster House¨, ¨Us¨, ¨The Black Phone¨ and ¨The Nun¨.