Hope Week

Hope week started off by inviting students to attend all sorts of stuff like games and contests. Hope week is an opportunity to let kids get together and have fun for the week and to add good lessons into one’s life. Hope week was all about being kind and being responsible. Student council provides the students with games such as cup pong, darts, and wheel spins for prizes!
The student council typically set up stations at lunch so students could come and play games during lunch; they also do things like set up escape rooms and small little games such as Scramble, Uno, etc. I really do believe that having the students more involved in these activities is bringing us all together better as Mountain View Bruins.
Hope week is all about giving the students opportunities to make new friends and have some fun, after all school and homework can be stressful and sometimes we all need to let loose and have some fun. Dress up based on the days of the week of hope and add more fun to you and your friend group. Go and match with someone! Whether the color of the day is blue or if the theme is animals, it doesn’t matter, go out, make new friends and use hope week as an opportunity to branch out and have some fun!
Hope week is a week of fun and games but it also teaches us what’s most important, being kind and responsible. Being a student at Mountain View Highschool, we should be representing the best kindness around and we should keep being those amazing Bruins. Kindness is what attracts. Student council will post or put up quotes or small sayings on social media or around the school to remind you to have hope and that you’re doing awesome, even when it can be hard, remember to be the best you can be.
Hope week is an opportunity. Make new friends, make strong relationships with those around and most importantly have fun! Even when school is tough we can always remember to be kind and to be an awesome Mountain View Bruin! Be responsible and be in class and attend where you should be and continue being the best student you can be. Remember, Bruins for life!