MV coach goes on culinary quest for Utah County’s best hamburger

During quarantine we all had a ton of time on our hands and we all passed it differently. Hobbies and talents were being discovered while others were traveling or becoming food critics.

Our very own Ms. Mannewitz used her time in quarantine to personally review and rate every single burger place there was in all of Utah county. When asked what inspired this she said she just didn’t feel like cooking and had a lot of free time on her hands during the lockdown. She would go to restaurants and write down notes on sticky notes and stick them on her fridge. Then afterward she would review her findings, consider all variables, and see where it ranked on her list. Throughout the tastings she said the ranking scattered and changed a lot but there was no specific process. “Just very much what I wanted to do,” she said.

When the list was finally completed, she picked her top two favorite places. The first one was Art City Trolley in Springville (265 N Main St) followed by Chom in Provo (45 W 300 N St). She said one of her favorite parts of Art City Trolley is that they had toasted pretzel buns which she really enjoyed. Recently they’ve closed for remodeling and Ms. Mannewitz is worried that they’ll be closed indefinitely, so she won’t be able to get burgers there anymore. She recommends In-N-Out if you want a good burger for a cheap price and they also toast their buns (but she says the fries taste like cardboard).

Some honorable mentions are Seven Brothers in Provo (4801 N University Avenue) because the burgers were so large that she had to cut them in half to eat them, MOOYAH in Provo (62 Cougar Boulevard Unit 105) because they had a really good jalapeño burger with good onions on top, and Chubby’s in Orem (1089 S 750 E) because they have “really good fries” so it elevated the burger and the experience.

She tried to focus on only the burger when rating them, but things like good fries and good ambience impacted the scoring a bit. Most of the places were good and some okay, but she said, “I went to Apollo Burger and had the worst experience.” She said the burger she ordered wasn’t good and the place smelled like grease. She has a fear of smelling like food, so the whole experience was off-putting and unenjoyable for her.

She recently also ranked all of Utah County’s pizza places which you can read more about here. She isn’t sure what she’s moving on to next to rank but is thinking of reviewing either fries, chicken sandwiches, or tacos. Help her decide on which food she should do next by answering the poll and commenting!