Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Linsley

Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Linsley

Tell us a bit about yourself:
“ I have been teaching school for Mountain View for 1 year. I used to teach junior highschool, because I am a film professional and I taught Film classes. I am a big fan of Mountain View and I am very excited to be teaching highschool. I also supervise the student council announcements here at Mountain View.”

What is it like being a teacher:
“I have found often there is a lot of assumptions made between students and teachers that is based on a moto that students are conditioned to live within and I found that when I change or do something that may go against what the perception of what a teacher is, I have been able to strengthen a relationship with the students. And I believe very strongly that you cannot teach if you do not have personal relationships with your students.”

In what ways do you encourage creativity in your classroom:
“I do what I can to remove societal pressure and interpersonal expectations so that a student will be able to find their way and creativity is about overcoming obstacles. Ultimately, it’s about finding your own voice and your own authentic self. And it’s whether or not you want to be honest with yourself to find yourself.”

How do you like to make learning fun for your students:
“I believe that each class period is a story that is being told and in order for the student to decide to experience that story they have to invest in the character and the teacher is that character, because I am telling them that story. They have to invest in me, to go on that journey. So, I believe that I can get more out of students by having a relationship with them so that they are able to learn from me.”

What is your favorite method of teaching:
“I use a philosophy, which suggests that cognitive dissonance allows a student to question how they have considered their world. If I present it in a way that may confuse their assumptions, they will be able to synthesize a new approach for them personally.”

What is one of your hidden talents:
“I am a very good singer, and I play guitar, I am also a rapper.”

What is your dream vacation:
“I go through severe depression if I don’t have anything to do. It would be with my family, someplace we have never been before. Interior of China.”

What is your dream pet(s): “A turtle”

What is your favorite movie or show: “Community is a good show about a junior college in Colorado.”

Mr. Linsley is a super positive, and uplifting influence. He is always making sure he is doing what is in the students best interest. He cares about the relationship between him and the students here at Mountain View. He highly represents what it means to be a true Bruin. He has an enthusiastic and kind personality, he is a huge help and is always doing what is going to help the students succeed. We are very grateful to have Mr.Linsley, also known around as Linz, to be someone teaching the students at Mountain View High School.