Leave Your Print: Miranda Cheney

Graduating in the class of 2023, one of Mountain View’s students, Miranda Cheney talked about what leaving your print means to her. She is a part of the Hope Squad and Student Council and has had the most fulfilling high school experience.
Miranda stated that leaving your print was like leaving a piece of yourself in high school for future people and hoping it will carry on because it made a big impact for you in high school. Her print that she feels she left is that throughout the year, she started to have a big challenge with going to class. A lot of people have a problem with going to class. She ran into the principal, and he was talking about graduation and how he was excited to see her and her classmates walk the stage, and she was excited about it, and she knew she had to do something different from that moment. She told herself that she wouldn’t miss any classes and that she would attend all her classes everyday, even if she was late she would still make the effort to get there.
It made a big difference because she started to actually go to class and tell herself everyday that it is not hard to go to class unless she wants to be a high school dropout. She reminded herself she wants to go on to bigger and better things for herself and achieve high school with a diploma with her classmates. One day, Miranda’s friend asked her if she wanted to go eat instead of going to her 3rd period class, and as convincing as she was, Miranda had to tell herself that she has to go to class because missing one class can make a big difference in her grade. She told her friend that she should go to class unless she doesn’t want to graduate. Her friend kept denying the fact until someone came from behind both of them and said they should go to class, or they’ll be regretting and redoing their senior year all over again. The person behind them knew it from experience because she never went to class all of her senior year, and now she gets to walk to class for another whole year. A super senior is what we call it.
Miranda made it her goal to go to class everyday and to do her homework and to go with friends when she had the time. It worked for her and her friend because now, two weeks away from graduation, she and her whole friend group can chill and relax and not have to worry about catching up. It was the biggest difference in her high school life, especially senior year. She says that everyone should just go to class even when you don’t want to because it’ll make a difference and pay off on the day of graduation as you are walking that stage.
In conclusion, Miranda leaving her print is a reminder to go to class and to achieve and finish what you have too. The feeling of getting your cap and gown and finishing everything you needed to do pays off. Graduation day is your day and you worked for 12 years to get there, so why quit on the last year?