Mother’s Day


Image taken from DESIGNALIKIE, features three tulips and the phrase “Mother’s Day”

Mother’s day is such a big holiday around the world. Everyone who chooses to celebrate the holiday takes the day to appreciate their moms and do extra for them. Mother’s Day 2023 falls on Sunday, May 14th. In the United States, Mother’s Day is always the second Sunday of May. In other countries they tend to just have a set date. For example, Mother’s Day in Mexico is always May 10th.

Mothers typically love anything that their children do for them. Whether that is doing the dishes, vacuuming the living room, cleaning up after your family pet(s), etc. They usually love any gift that you give them too because they appreciate the thought and effort you put into picking something so fitting to her. While going shopping for something for Mother’s Day, do you actually look for things that you genuinely think that your mom would enjoy? Even if you don’t, the effort you put into it can still show that you care.

Gift-wise, most just get their mom something for the kitchen. For example, a mixer, an air fryer, aprons, spatulas, etc. Or they choose to get their mom a shirt they see at somewhere like Walmart that says something like “supermom” on the front with a Superman logo. Let’s be original this time guys. No more t-shirts or kitchen things. Moms deserve something more for this day dedicated to them! (Disclaimer: those are not bad gifts, just very basic and repetitive)

Think about what your mom likes to do in her free time, and that can’t be clean or cook. A lot of moms would be so excited to receive a massage, whether it’s professional or not. They do so much and have so much stress on them. Or even a spa day! Look up salons near you and get a coupon for something that your mom can take there and take time to relax. Even just doing it yourself would also be such a nice thing to do. Mom’s tend to really appreciate the little things we do rather than the huge, extravagant things.

Another thing you could consider doing is taking your mom somewhere fun. You could take her on a picnic, to a museum, a flower garden, pretty much anywhere. Even if she has to drive, just planning the day and doing things she enjoys will still be a good way to show her that you appreciate and love her.

You don’t have to just go alone on Mother’s Day gifts. These can be a whole family thing too. You could all take a chore that she usually does or cook meals which would really show how much you as a family love and appreciate her.

Mother’s Day isn’t just about the gifts and acts of service, it’s about your Mom just existing and being there for you. You may never realize how much your mom, or even both of your parents, actually do for you. Take the time this Mother’s Day and tell your mom that you love her.