Homecoming Trouble

Every year, one of the most anticipated aspects of high school is the school dances. The annual Homecoming dance is typically the first of many. Homecoming was a tradition started in colleges and universities to welcome back alumni. The school’s football team has a game on its home field, and a homecoming court is elected. Unfortunately, for many high schools including Mountain View, the school could not provide a homecoming dance.

Because of the COVID outbreak, it is recommended that people not gather in large groups. Despite this, many students have decided to host their own dances. Since these dances are not held by the school, the district can’t regulate them. Some people are concerned that, with kids hosting these events, there might be a surge in COVID cases. Mountain View did not host any sort of homecoming dance so these events were planned by students.

Students were asked what they thought of the idea of hosting or attending their own homecomings. Many of the students that I asked had even already attended such an event and described their experience. Out of the fifteen students I interviewed, fourteen said that they would go if masks and some social distancing were required, especially if the city is not currently a hotspot in the area and temperatures are taken before arrival. A student who went to a homecoming said, “It was a very modest party. There were not that many couples, people were wearing their masks, and some distancing was applied.”

A few parents were more on the opposing side. Four out of fifteen parents said that they would prefer if their student did not attend a homecoming. One parent said, “Who is going to monitor these meetings? How are masks and distancing going to be enforced? We don’t know if these kids are being safe.” However, a few parents were supportive of the idea of students going as long as there are regulations and the students are responsible. 

The majority of people interviewed said that they are fine with these backyard dances as long as there are some rules. In the end it is up to the students and their parents whether they attend such events. “Regulations are important in any situation,” said a student. “Whether you are in a large group or a small one, wearing a mask and distancing is more respectful to the people around you and a needed precaution to prevent further spread.”