Utah Fires

The fires in Utah are a big deal. Just this year alone there have been 1,369 fires that have burned 278,695 acres of land around the state. There are currently 6 fires in Utah. And the closest to Orem is in Ether Hollow and in William. Fires can be started by a lot of things, like lightning and humans.  For instance, the Ether Hollow fire was started by shooting a target in dry conditions. The William fire had the same cause. Just a few weeks ago there was a fire extremely close to Orem, it was in Hobble Creek and it got extremely close to houses and that was also caused by target practice.

So basically we need to be more careful about what we are doing in these dry months because over 1,000 of the 1,369 fires this year have been because of humans. To reduce fires we should be careful when having a fire pit, when we are shooting targets, and when we are doing anything that can possibly cause a fire. So many things can cause a fire that nobody even thinks about. The fires in California were caused by a baby gender party; you just don’t know what can cause a fire so you always need to be careful.