MVHS Sterling Scholars 2020-2021


Sterling Scholar logo.

MVHS Sterling Scholars 2020-2021

Mountain View High School is thrilled to announce their Sterling Scholars for the 2020-2021 school year:

Instrumental Performance: Preston Schollenberger
English: Christina Olsen
Science: Zac Colter
Dance: Ashten Abbott
Math: Xavier Coleman
World Languages: June Cazier
Social Science: Hannah Keen
Vocal Performance: Maisy Merchant
Computer Technology: Miles Petty
Business and Marketing: Alexa Garcia
FACS: Kaelynn Wilson
Skilled and Technical Sciences: Samuel Comin
Visual Art: Dana Gonzalez
Theater: Breanna Palmer

It has always been important to the community at Mountain View to highlight the success of the high achieving students– those that show excellency both inside and outside of the walls of the school. While the current situation has taken away many public opportunities to honor these students, Mountain View has assured us that it does not intend to let these successes go unnoticed and is taking every opportunity it can to show recognition for these students. One major way to display these student successes comes in the form of the Sterling Scholar program, which is specifically designed to showcase the most proficient students in the school in their area of expertise, their leadership, and their service.
Regardless of the section one is applying for, the basic requirements to become a Sterling Scholar are the same. According to the Sterling Scholar website, “A Sterling Scholar is a high school senior who is publicly recognized and awarded for the pursuit of excellence in scholarship, leadership and citizenship.” The Sterling Scholar program is an initiative singular to the state of Utah. Participants from 14 different categories compete against other students in their same area to be selected as their school’s Sterling Scholar in their area of expertise. Some of these categories– such as vocal and instrumental performance– require performance. Others, such as English, require proof of proficiency to be provided within the application. All categories, however, require an interview of their participants with the judges for that area. Judges ask both leadership and expertise-based questions, and results are announced within a few weeks of the interviews. Students that earn the Sterling Scholar title for their school have the opportunity to compete at a regional level to earn scholarships and reward money. The regional winners then are able to compete at the state level, where the rewards and scholarships only increase.
Mountain View is honored to be the home of excellency like that of these fourteen Sterling Scholars that more than meets the standards set by the founders of the program itself. We wish them the best of luck on their Sterling Scholar journey and congratulate them for the success they have already achieved!