Student Spotlight: Cassidy Stayner


Junior Cassidy Stayner.

Cassidy Stayner-Junior

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in the fall?
A: “My favorite thing to do in the fall is going up to the canyon or near the mountains, because it’s so pretty up there in the fall. All the trees are red and orange.”

Q: If you had unlimited ice cream topping, what would you put on?
A: “If I had unlimited ice cream topping it would be Oreos, because Oreos on ice cream are so good!”

Q: Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions?
A: “Every year the day before Thanksgiving my mom is in charge of making egg horn rolls. We help her make them. They are so good!”

Q: What do you look to when working through a hard time?
A: “What I look for to get through a hard time is memories to make, so I can look back on that hard time and look at something positive.”