Poetry Club

If I was asked to think of one random club, Poetry wouldn’t have come across my mind. Even though this club isn’t very spoken of, 7 students look forward to it every A day after school. In room 228, 7 students express their creativity in the comfortable environment they have created.

The students individually write stories that they decide for themselves. Occasionally the students are asked if they would like to share their story with the other club members, and are given the choice to say no. The students are given the choice of what to write, and the choice to share or not.

One main reason many people participate in an after school club is to socialize and meet new people. Being social can dramatically increase your mental and physical health. Not only does it help with confidence, quality of life, and memory, it also reduces blood pressure, and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s. One student had this to say, “This club is a place I can be social, and vulnerable around other students.” She continued to say, “Writing around others helped, after recently moving, to relieve my anxiety.” She admitted to feeling personal gain from joining this club, and said she felt an increase in her social skills.

Poetry club is a great club to meet new friends, express yourself, listen to others and so much more.