Presidential Election


Joshua Woroneicki

Photograph of the American flag and an envelope that reads “Ballot Enclosed.”

The Presidential Election has played almost as a joke to the American people. Even many Americans who don’t usually keep up with the politics behind elections haven’t been able to avoid tuning in. During the debate, both of the candidates cut each other off mid-sentence and argued like little kids. But despite all, it looks like Joe Biden has the lead over President Trump.

In this article it talks about how Biden has the big advantage over the President because he invested a lot more money than him for this Election. From NPR, “In Race’s Final Days, Biden Campaign Has Big Cash Advantage Over Trump’s,”“The president’s campaign committee finished September with $63.1 million in its coffers, compared with the Biden team’s $177.3 million cash on hand, according to new filings with the Federal Election Commission late Tuesday evening.”

Now that the election has happened it looks like Joe Biden has won, but Donald Trump looks like he is not going out without a fight. Trump is still trying to overrun the election to hopefully a re-election. “President Donald Trump’s arsenal for overturning the election will soon be down to one final, desperate maneuver: pressing his Republican allies on Capitol Hill to step in and derail Joe Biden’s presidency.”

Trump is denying his loss and is trying to get an upper hand. From the New York Times,“President Trump has raised about $170 million since Election Day as his campaign operation has continued to aggressively solicit donations with hyped-up appeals that have funded his fruitless attempts to overturn the election and that have seeded his post-presidential political ambitions, according to a person familiar with the matter.” Trump is trying to persuade the public that he will be a better president. He is hoping to turn the eyes of the public to get re-elected. Joe Biden has pretty much succeeded. Biden won by a huge 74 votes with that big of a lead he has no worry about claiming his victory. Unless Trump’s attempts to overrun the election and take the victory works. We can only tell with time.