Are Schools Handling Covid-19 Correctly?

That’s a question that’s been on parents minds since the start of the school year, a lot of school have changed the way they operate, the first mayor change is that they started using canvas and other online sites more to avoid handing out papers, classes can have as many students in them a they used to, teachers try to separate students as much as possible, laptops and other devices get sanitized after every use, there’s no school on Wednesdays so the school can get sanitized.

Sports are another big part of school, at the start of the school year, student-athletes were scared that their seasons would get canceled once again, but due to the hard work of administrators and the government, students got to play and will continue to play as long a we keep following the guidelines, students get tested every 15 days in order to be able to compete, the use of mask is required when not competing.

Alpine district made it possible for students who have been in contact with a person with Covid-19 to come back to school 10 days after being in contact or to get tested on the seventh day of quarantine, students and parents had a positive reaction to distance learning on wednesdays, we will most likely see this schedule next term since it had such a positive reaction on students, parents and teachers.

As a student I believe that schools are doing everything they can to give us, the students a “normal” school year, and so far they’ve done a great job.