Multicultural Club

Ever been interested in what the Multicultural Club is about at Mountain View High School? This club is getting everyone involved, be it a different culture, race, or ethincincy. In the article, PREVIEW – Multicultural Week from The Bruin Post, Ellie Crandall wrote, “Unity in diversity, that is something the Mountain View faculty and students strive to live by inside and outside of MV walls.” No matter what, or who you are, this club helps celebrate differences of all kinds and encourages unity of all kinds. English teacher, Mrs. Cass Williams, the advisor of the club, said, “In the Multicultural Club, we mostly focus on celebration. We celebrate our differences, and we celebrate our similarities. We celebrate the cultures that we share, and those that are new to us.” The Multicultural club helps to unite and let people see the similarities and differences of everybody. Mrs. Williams also replied, “Our goals include helping other students see the beauty of other cultures, and helping students from every culture feel included and valued at Mountain View.” The club’s motto is “Unity in Diversity”.