Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich

This debate started on the internet almost a decade ago, some people say it’s a taco, others insist it’s a roll. The conversation on whether or not it’s a sandwich appears not to be closer to an end.

However, the origins of the hot dog tell a different story. Charles Feltman, a German immigrant who came to America in 1856, is credited with the invention of the hot dog. He took German frankfurters and put them in a bun and sold them in a push car in Coney Island to make money.

Feltman established a successful empire around his creation, but years after he died his sons sold the company. However, Felman’s hot dogs made a comeback a couple of years ago, when Joe and Michael Quinn started Feltman’s of Coney Island. They got the original recipe from their grandfather, who was friends with an old Feltman’s employee.

Michael Quinn, who is also a Coney Island historian, says that when Charles Feltman put a frankfurter in a bun he intended it to be a sandwich. In an old picture of the menu you can see it being advertised as a “frankfurt sandwich”. Quinn said “I think it is in the sandwich family, it’s meat between bread but for me a hot dog is a hot dog”

At the end of the day, a hot dog is one of the most American foods out there. Feltman was an immigrant who went from selling pies on the beach to inventing and making millions off of the hot dog. There’s nothing more American than that.

I personally believe that a hot dog IS NOT A SANDWICH. If you have a different opinion on this you can come over to our Instagram page and leave us a comment with your opinion.