Should Modified Exhaust Be Allowed on Cars?


Andreas Lischka

The exhaust on a car.

Should modification to exhaust be endless? Or should there be even more laws put in place to prevent “unnecessary” modification to exhaust? Well in the most simple, yet American way, it’s a free country, and it’s your vehicle. Yes there are reasons why you should not modify your car’s exhaust. There are also reasons why you should. And coming from a car enthusiast’s point of view, I really see no valid reason why not to.

Since the dawn of cars people have been modifying their cars to be fun, better looking, and more enjoyable to drive. I mean heck, Japanese car manufacturers even purposefully made cars easy to modify and make faster with something as simple as removing a “choke plate” from select vehicles that would add up to a whopping 70 horsepower! There’s even a branch of Nissan called nismo that was made to make their cars faster and more appealing to car enthusiasts.

There are some good points on why you shouldn’t add or remove parts from your vehicle’s exhaust. Such as, it’s bad for the environment, or it’s too loud. Those are some good reasons, but there are plenty of things that aren’t good for the environment. Such as making lithium batteries for electric cars. There is no real substitute that would eliminate pollution from the automobile industry. So I believe modifying exhaust isn’t the biggest deal when it comes to the automotive industry.

There are so many loopholes in the laws around modded exhaust that there might as well not be any in the first place. Did you know that cars 25 years old or older don’t even need emissions tests done? Most of those cars didn’t even have the technology we have today that prevents cars from producing bad emissions. In texas they say “motorcycles and diesel-powered vehicles, and those living in certain counties are exempt from emissions testing.” diesels are some of the most pollutive vehicles out there, yet in texas they don’t even test the emissions. Florida doesn’t even have an emissions or safety test. One more thing. There’s a ‘muffler’ called the cherry bomb that makes it even louder, but you can pass emissions testing because it counts as a muffler. All I’m saying is I don’t see why there are so many laws that are put in place when you can get around them so easily.

Most car enthusiasts want to make their cars faster, doing that usually means making it louder. Between new headers, to new up and down pipes to your turbocharger it creates a lot less restrictive flow through the exhaust, meaning more power, also meaning more noise.

In conclusion, there should be ways for both sides to go. Car enthusiasts should be able to what they want with their car, like in florida. And your average consumer can keep the car stock from the factory with it’s good gas mileage and quiet exhaust. I’m going to pass the question on to you now. Should modified exhaust be allowed on cars?