Battle of the Joshes

The Battle of the Joshes was an event organized through Facebook. This event was “everyone” named Josh on Facebook getting together on April 24th in Nebraska to battle for the name of Josh. This shows that even during COVID some people can still have fun.

The Battle of the Joshes was organized by Josh Swain. Swain sent a ton of people with the first name Josh group Facebook messages telling them that he gathered them all because they shared the same name. He also sent them this message, “Precisely, 4/24/2021, 12:00 PM, meet at these coordinates, (40.8223286°N 96.7982002°W) we fight, whoever wins gets to keep the name, everyone else has to change their name, you have a year to prepare, good luck”. Initially Swain meant these messages to be a joke that no one was supposed to take seriously, but as the screen shots of their messages grew in popularity the Joshes decided to actually do it. This meant all of them were going to Lincoln, Nebraska to fight on April 24th.

During the event, three fights took place. The first of the fights was for anyone named Josh Swain (the same name as the initial Josh who proposed the fight). This was for the rights to the full Josh Swain name. The fight was all Swain’s doing rock paper scissor’s battles until the victor was found. The second battle was for every Josh to participate in a free-for-all where the last man standing was the victor. The last battle was for any Josh who brought a pool noodle to the event. In this round, they battled out the same way as the previous round except with pool noodles.

There were two victors of the event. One of which was the original Josh Swain (the one who organized the event) who won the first round, and the second victor Josh Vinson Jr. who was the overall champion for the other two rounds. During the first round, there were only two Josh Swains who were at the event. One of the Swains was the creator, and the other was a 38 year old Josh Swain from Omaha. The final victor, Vinson Jr., was 4 years old and has been being treated for seizures since the age of 2.

This entire event has come to a surprise to most and will become one of the most random events in history. I hope more fun and interesting events such as this take place in the future to help unite communities. In the end, the battle of the Joshes ended with a laugh for the entire internet and for the Joshes of America.